For your better and healthier clean house Pro House Cleaning uses organic home made cleaning products where everything is made without the chemicals.

We are not going to tell you “We are the best cleaning service in Chicago”. We will simply do our job and let you be the judge .
We have a great quality cleaning skills and your satisfaction is our priority.

All cleaning products are based on water, vinegar , baking soda, coconut oil , tea tree oil, lavender essential oil etc.
Their ingredients are all-natural and fragrance-free.
They also do not use any preservatives, sudsing agents, or emulsifiers.

Natural Eco Cleaning

These products work great for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities because all ingredients are natural and simple.
If you decide for us Eco Friendly Cleaning Products will we charge an extra fee $25 (eco-cleaning package)
If you will provide your Eco Cleanings Products we will not going to charge you any extra fee

house cleaning maid photo