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Our Success

Pro House Cleaning , is a family business originally started 2006 .
We provide cleaning service in Chicago and Suburbs . A company built on hard work. Trust ,which our customers invest in us and we repay in an excellent job.

We have competitive rates. See our five star rating & reviews and say goodbye to shady cleaning companies!

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to again share with you the precautions our company has implemented to help keep you and our employees safe and well. Now, more than ever, keeping your home cleaned and sanitized is essential.
Precautions we are taking:
We will under no circumstance allow an employee that is sick or has any flu-like symptoms to come to work.
Cleaning technicians will sanitize hands prior to entering your home.
They will also wash their hands once in your home, and wash hands prior to leaving your home.
Technicians will disinfect the things they touch before entering your home (mop handles, vacuum handles, tote handles, etc.)
As always, towels are always clean and sanitized daily.
While in your home we will pay special attention to disinfecting often-touched surfaces throughout your home.

Here’s what we need from you:
Let us know what you need. Let your technician know if you would like her to wear gloves or masks while in your home. Call the office with any other requests.